Upcoming Appearances

Santa Gary is available throughout the year for your events, parties and special visits.

Santa will also be making the following party appearances:

Date City Venue
11/17/18 Farmington Heikkila Photography
Time: 8:30am. Address: 349 3rd Street.
11/18/18 Afton, MN Michelle Schimek-Johnson
Time: 10:00am. Address: 3483 Norsted Ave So..
11/23/18 Afton, MN Michelle Schimek-Johnson
Time: 10:00am. Address: 3483 Norsted Ave So..
11/24/18 Cottage Grove, MN Ashley Photo
Time: 9:00am. Address: 8029 Jocelyn Ave. So.. Venue phone: 3514593849.
11/25/18 Afton, MN Michelle Schimek-Johnson
Time: 9:00am. Address: 3483 Norsted Ave So..
11/25/18 Mahtomedi 55115 Alyssa Schoonover Heustis
Time: 4:00pm. Address: 80 Grove Street.
11/30/18 Apple Valley Kill Family Christmas Party
Time: 7:00pm.
12/01/18 Apple Valley, MN Primrose School of Apple Valley
Time: 10:00am.
12/01/18 Woodbury Season’s Family Chiropratic
Time: 12:30pm.
12/02/18 White Bear, MN White Bear Yacht Club
Time: 10:00am.
12/02/18 Cottage Grove Smoot Edina Realty
Time: 2:30pm. Address: River Oaks Golf Course. Venue phone: (651)459-6182.
12/04/18 Woodbury Pederson Realty
Time: 5:00pm. Address: 707 Bielenberg Dr..
12/06/18 Cottage Grove Norris Square
Time: 4:30pm.
12/07/18 Cottage Grove, MN Zion Lutheran Church
Time: 5:30pm. Venue phone: 3514593849.
12/08/18 Woodbury Primrose Day Care Center
Time: 8:00am.
12/08/18 Woodbury Stonemill Farms
Time: 12:30pm.
12/08/18 Cottage Grove, MN Desiree Myers
Time: 7:00pm. Address: 7230 Imperial Avenue Court South. Venue phone: 3514593849.
12/09/18 Cottage Grove, MN River Oaks Golf Club
Time: 8:00am. Address: Hiway 61.
12/09/18 Cottage Grove, MN Autistic Party at River Oaks
Time: 2:30pm. Venue phone: 6514593849.
12/13/18 Cottage Grove Norris Square
Time: 4:00pm.
12/15/18 Cottage Grove, MN HY-VEE
Time: 10:00am. Address: 8900 Hale Avenue South. Venue phone: 6514593849.
12/15/18 Newport Kabat Family Christmas
Time: 7:00pm.
12/16/18 Blaine, MN Club West
Time: 2:00pm. Address: 11211 Club West Parkway, Blaine, MN 55449. Venue phone: 763-792-9073. Club West Residents only. Buy Tickets
12/17/18 Cottage Grove, MN Harris Day Care
Time: 4:30pm. Address: 6985 Homestead Ave So. Venue phone: (651) 246-9112.
12/20/18 Cottage Grove White Pine Memory Care
Time: 5:00pm.
12/22/18 Cottage Grove Hy-Vee Grill
Time: 10:00am.
12/22/18 Cottage Grove, MN Krech Family Christmas
Time: 5:30pm. Address: 8795 76th Street Court. Venue phone: 3514593849. 651-459-6182
12/24/18 Bayport Johnson Christmas Party
Time: 4:00pm. Address: 130 6th Street So.. Venue phone: (651) 439-8894..
12/24/18 St. Paul Runyon Family Christmas Party
Time: 6:00pm.
12/24/18 North Oaks, MN Kinney Family Christmas
Time: 7:30pm. Address: 14 east gilfillan road. Venue phone: 6128128794..

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